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Read these reviews from our past clients with their experience working with our office:


My wife and I wanted to have a Trust drawn up and Mark came highly recommended. He explained the process to us and was very thorough and complete. His fees were very fair and we feel we got everything we needed. He knew the laws and listened to what we wanted. Were very pleased. We will highly recommend him to all our friends. Thank you Mark.

Glen and Marusia W.


Mark Lydell came highly recommended. We were able to schedule an appointment and meet with him to discuss setting up a living trust. He answered all of our questions , even as I repeated many as I needed to still understand. Our experience with him was excellent . We rest easier at night now knowing our affairs are in order. We highly recommend him for your legal matters . You will not be disappointed.

Carol R.


My wife and I needed to update our will and Trust since we last did something in 1996. We were referred to Mark Lydell. After a few questions Mark recommended we start fresh with a new Trust since the laws had changed so much. It was a process that he made very simple and easy for us to follow. It was reasonable and within 60 days all the paperwork, deed transfers and signings were completed. Mark has my highest recommendation, and it was well worth doing.

Tom and Jane S.


Mark was amazing in his thoroughness and professionalism while putting together our Trust. This was something we had put off for so long even though we knew it had to be done. I guess I was just not looking forward to paperwork, etc… and my experience with Lawyers was very limited.

Well Mark made everything easy, painless. Very professional and great guy in general.

We couldn’t recommend anyone else ..

Greg & Janet S.


We procrastinated doing a living trust for a long time. We’re so glad we chose Mark Lydell to set up the trust. He walked us through every step and made it very easy. Working with Mark Lydell was a breeze. He has the whole process organized ahead of time and is very thorough. I have great confidence in his work and am glad that I did my estate planning with his law office. I am sure that our children will appreciate Mark’s work when they come to use the documentation that Mark has prepared for us. It’s a relief to have this completed and well organized.

I highly recommend Mark and his law office.

Douglas and Anne W.


Mark is very thorough, thoughtful and exceptionally humble for an attorney. : ) A pleasure to work with for many years now. Went through a trying time recently with the loss of a parent and dealing with a trust and setting up a new trust. Reassuring and detail-oriented. I would highly recommend Mark Lydell.

John C.

I was referred to the Mark Lydell by my financial advisor when I was looking for someone to do my Living Trust. Mark had helped me to the step by step process and worked with me to ensure the documents are submitted, compiled and recorded timely. I couldn’t imagine how it would be put together in no time and so organized and fast. I myself is aware of accurateness and timeliness due to the nature of my work and Mark made it all that to my expectation. Now I have peace of mind knowing Mark is there when we have legal questions or needs to guide us accordingly. If you need to reached for any legal stuff or advise, don’t hesitate to call Mark Lydell.



Mark did an excellent job preparing our trust. His fees were reasonable and he was efficient and very helpful. He was also very responsive and explained everything in detail.

Roland & Julie

If you want to leave a Legacy, Leave a Trust / Estate Plan. I have come to know Mark Lydell through another attorney over the years. He has been very honest and clear with legal advice keeping within my layman terms of understanding. When it came to estate planning we kept in the planning stages for far too long with no pressure from him. When the wife and I finally pulled the trigger he made the process SO simple and clear that I feel ashamed for postponing the process. Ashamed that had something terrible happened, My wife and kids would have been in double the grief necessary. The beautiful thing of estate planning is not just who gets what, but what happens if only one passes? Who takes guardianship of the kids under 18? Who helps the kids with financial management so it’s not all spent foolishly? ALL things that can be planned and written into a Trust / Estate plan so when the inevitable life event occurs, your family can focus on remembering you.

Adrian & Annaliese

Jon & Mark are hard working attorneys who use integrity and respect throughout the process. Jon originally set us up with a will several years back. Since that time our family and assets have grown. Mark helped us move everything into a living trust. With 7 kids (some with special needs), Mark helped us make sure the trust was set up for special needs planning as well.

Steve B.

Mark was referred to us by Lonnie Hood, our Financial Advisor. Mark did a wonderful job putting together our Living Trust in a expeditious and professional manner.

Jimmy F.

I’ve used several lawyers in my life and Jon is the best and most amazing. He knows family law and always answered my concerns before I could even think of them. When I talk to my friends here in San Diego they want what I got. He knows the the law, the Sacramento system, the lawyers, courts, and judges like no one I have observed or employed.


Mark was very helpful in expediting our estate documents. We had some complicated issues and he walked us through each issue in a thoughtful and helpful way. He is also quick to respond.

Hugh S.

Mark is incredibly helpful and insightful wills and estate planning. He is a very friendly and warm gentleman. I would definitely recommend using him for any living will or estate planning services. He guides you through the entire process step by step. No surprises and you know what you are getting upfront. No hidden fees or agenda.

Danielle V.

Just finished working with Mark again, he has been our Estate Lawyer for several years and we received the best possible service again. He is professional, patient and approachable. He always gets back to us timely and is very thorough. He also follows up and makes sure all details are complete. My Elderly parents needed help with updating their Trust and they had a wonderful experience. We will keep Mark’s number handy and highly recommend him to anyone who needs any Estate Planning.

Michael R.

I highly recommend Mr. Mark Lydell to anyone who is looking into setting up a Living Trust for themselves or for those who are assisting in preparing of the proper documents required to protect the assets of another individual or family member. Mark is a very detailed and qualified attorney. His patience and direction were greatly appropriated. Mark was very helpful in properly updating my Parents Living Trust as well as being extremely beneficial assisting my wife and I set up our own Living Trust. Again, thanks Mark for all your guidance and kind words during this very important and needed process!

Leo S.

Mark Lydell is, simply put, the most delightful, honest, straight forward, intelligent and experienced attorney I have ever met. Right off the bat, he put me at ease, answered all my questions and allowed me to understand what a living trust was all about. He helped me to bear the cost in an unusual way and by the time we had entered into the intricate ins and outs for the benefit of my grandchildren, he had become my friend. I would encourage anyone who has legal needs in this regard to give Mark a shot…I can promise that you will not be disappointed with the effort! Thanks again to you, Mark; you have restored my faith in the system designed for the average person. If there were more than five stars to select, I would have chosen that option!

David M.

Mark was very upfront and explained everything we needed to know to put together a family trust. He works quickly, thoroughly and is reasonably priced compared to other lawyers. I highly recommend him!

Sue W.

Mr. Lydell is a very fair man who tells it like it is. By the way, he was NOT my attorney but my children’s minors counsel when my ex and I were having a terrible custody issue. I would assume if he sided with you–you loved him, and if he disagreed you couldn’t stand him. Funny how that works! Well I wouldn’t think he was the type to side 100% with either parent because he could agree with you and still jump on you about something he thought was not in the best interest of the kids. I can tell you this–he is a wise man, has that tough-Dad personality some of these folks might interpret as “abusive”, he’s been around the block a few times and can see through the BS whether it’s yours or the other side. Get him involved in whatever issue you’re having and I guarantee you’ve got the best representation around.


Mark Lydell, Attorney at Law was “Great” guiding us through the Living Trust process. Mark was very patient to details specific to our Living Trust wishes. His Living Trust fee was very reasonable and completed within our available time frame. Included is an organized binder with ALL our personal information which makes it easy to reference. We are relieved this important part of our lives has been taken care of. We “Highly” recommend Mark Lydell and his team to family and friends. Mark your expertise is truly appreciated. Thank you.

Rita K.

My mother in law, who is terminally ill, came to us in desperation because she had let all of her bills lapse for the last many years and was concerned there would be a lien put on her home. We contacted a few attorneys listed in Yelp as Real Estate attorneys in relation to this matter and they all either said they would not take the case or referred us to another source. Mark Lydell responded immediately with an impressive list of questions and suggestions, which was followed up by phone call within minutes. Ultimately it was decided that a Life Estate was the correct decision for us. Even though this was a touchy situation for a variety of reasons (we had to be met individually at times), Mr. Lydell was able to provide excellent advice to all parties in a tactful manner. I was impressed with his knowledge, his thoroughness, and his demeanor throughout the whole process and definitely recommend his service as a true professional.

Ron B.

I had already done all of my initial filings and needed someone to get me through the Judgement phase of my divorce. It was a time of a lot of transition spiritually and personally. Mark and Jon were understanding, knowledgeable and they knew my financial circumstances and were affordable.


Jon made my nasty divorce go smoothly. Just when my ex couldn’t be any crazier, stealing from me, stalking me, defamation of my character, Jon stepped up and took care of business. He not only scared her lawyer into retreating, but did the same to her. In the end I walked out with my head up knowing the right thing was done. Easy to work with, straight to the point, and finished the job like a pro. If your in a nasty divorce with an over zealous non-trustworthy ex, see Jon. This man is good!


My initial experience with Mark Lydell was in getting much needed assistance when I was working through issues as the Durable Power of Attorney and subsequent executor to my Uncle’s estate. He simplified the process, provide me with sound guidance and eased a lot of my concerns. Due to his excellent work my wife and I then used him to update our Living Trust, Wills and Powers of Attorney. As with my first experience, Mark was very thorough and helped us walk through a number of steps to both solidify our documents, clarify our desires and establish the necessary foundation to ease the burden on my wife and our children so that they wouldn’t go through the uncertainty and mental strain I experienced as I worked to do the right thing in taking care of my Uncle. I’d highly recommend Mark for his legal expertise, compassion and attention to detail as he went to great lengths to insure that our wishes were met.

Chuck & Jan W.

Extremely happy with the professionalism and friendliness of Mark Lydell. This is the second time I’ve worked with the Lydell brothers, first they helped me through my divorce and I was very happy with the outcome of the case. This time I asked Mark to help me with my Estate planning. He was very thorough and attentive to my needs and wishes. I highly recommend Mark to anyone wanting to make sure that his or her estate is handled appropriately and without the need for probate proceedings. And I highly recommend Jon Lydell for anyone going through a divorce.


Mark Lydell went above and beyond to provide me with exceptional service. He was very pleasant to work with and very quick to respond to all my questions……..and I had many:). Thanks again for all your help, it was truly appreciated.


We had been looking for an Attorney to prepare a Trust for us and were referred by our friends. He was highly recommended and helped us make decisions about what we needed if we became incapacitated or pass away. Mark Lydell is very efficient and prepared our Trust in a timely manner. His fees are reasonable, the office is welcoming and professional.

Diane M.

Having realized my husband and I had created a full and busy life for our little family, reality set in that we needed to be sure everything was taken care of in the event of the unforeseeable. Mark Lydell helped us get through this process with clarity and sensitivity of bringing us through thinking about how to set up our son in the event of our death. No one likes to think about it, but death is inevitable and I would never want my son to have to figure anything out about how to deal with our assets, etc while grieving.

Kelly B

Mark set up my living trust. He was very friendly and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He was thorough. He answered all my questions and made sure I understood everything. I would definitely recommend Mark. I am completely satisfied with his work. He is also just a great, really nice person. Thank you, Mark.

With appreciation,


Mark recently handled our Living Trust for us and we so appreciated his attention to detail! He made sure he knew exactly what our hopes and goals were, and was excellent in following our desires through to completion. It took a huge load off of us, and we could not recommend him more highly! We’ve known both Mark and Jon for 20+ years and they are brothers with great integrity, honesty, and character and will always give their very best for their clients.

Ken & Lydia

The Lydell Law practice is one of the most well regarded and honest firms in the Sacramento area. We recently had Mark Lydell help us prepare our Family Legacy Binder, complete with estate plan, will, living trust, and other legal instructional documents that will be crucial in the event of our death. Our children are still very young, so this was a very emotional conversation and process for us, a process that took time. Mark helped us navigate through with honor, integrity, and patience, to make sure we knew all of our options. We had some preconceived ideas of what this process would look like, going into it. With a teacher’s heart, Mark took time to explain the process to my wife and I, to make sure we were making the best decisions for the future of our family. We were honored to work with Mark through this process, and will continue to work with him for any updates or modifications needed to our estate, as different changes occur within our family. Thank you Mark for everything you do, and we look forward to working together in the future! If you are reading this review, I would highly encourage you to do the same.


Mark Lydell did a fantastic job of putting together our Living Trust and giving us excellent counsel regarding our estate planning. He was patient and very thorough, totally professional and very friendly as well. I highly recommend Lydell and Lydell for estate planning.


My wife and I have know the Lydell’s for 20+ years and they have been an AMAZING resource for us. We have used them to help us with our Living Trust for our 7 children, as well as how to make this work with our business. Mark has helped us a set up an S-Corp and has been very helpful in making all the pieces work together.

He is super thorough and conscientious. I would trust him with anything. He is very caring and always put our needs first. He thinks though all of the scenarios and looks for answers. Mark makes something that is very complex simple and at our level. So glad to have him in our lives!


My experience with Mark Lydell, lawyer, was extremely positive. I was extremely overwhelmed with trust and deed issues. He not only straitened everything out, but helped me to fully understand it all from a legal perspective. Hopefully, I will be able to retain the information. But if not, I know I can make an appointment and he will help me out. I am proud to say that I know consider him my family lawyer and will continue to use his services when needed.


Mark Lydell was great to work with; he was professional, thorough, caring and affordable. He returned my calls and emails and he understood the urgency of my case, but took the time to get all the facts then reiterated them to me in a very detailed yet succinct email – I was assured he understood my case and that no detail was left out.


Excellent service and quick responses. Provides great insight and explanation of the estate planning process. Highly recommended.


I have know Mark since we worked together in the insurance business, and before he went to law school. He has always been very organized and on top of his tasks. He recently put together a living trust for me and my wife, and as usual, everything was done when promised, on time and very well organized. When we met with him to complete the process, again, all was put together so the signing of the required documents was quite easy and took very little time. Our requests were all met and set forth in the trust. He explained all the pluses and minuses of each form of wills. He provided a binder where my wife and I can note the required information to access our accounts when something happens to us. It was a pleasure working with Mark again.


When I decided to finally make a will I went to see Lydell and Lydell. They were very competitive in their prices and very professional. The process was easy and well organized. They were informative, helpful and kind. I received my documents in a timely manner. If I need assistance from an attorney again, I will definitely go back to Lydell and a Lydell.


We would highly recommend Mr. Mark Lydell! He is very professional, prompt, knowledgeable, fair, and listens. We honestly don’t know what we would have done without Mr. Lydell’s assistance as we were faced with a traumatic legal issue. We so appreciated Mr. Lydell’s ability to help filter and deflect the stresses of legal issues, he literally brought peace into our situation with resolve!

Ron & Kathy

I never thought I would end up with the need for a divorce lawyer. I was not even sure I wanted to go this route even though my wife told me she wanted to divorce. I was recommended to Jon by a trustworthy source and he walked me through the process and clearly explained everything along the way. He allayed my fears and settled my doubts. Jon is a VERY knowledgeable attorney who places all things in perspective for his clients and fights hard in support them. I have never felt that he was trying to prolong anything to pad his account, nor has he done anything frivolous to make the process longer than it needs to be. He not only makes the client feel they are being well cared for, he provides very good counsel through a difficult situation. I would hope that no one would have to go through this process. However, if anyone needed an attorney to negotiate the challenges of ending a marriage and settle property issues, I HIGHLY recommend Jon Lydell and his staff of supportive and caring people.


Mr. Jon Lydell is an experienced Family Law Attorney who really cares about his clients. He takes the time to understand your situation and he really wants to help you, not just take your money as so many other family law attorneys do. He provides personal attention – something you will not get with a big law firm. My ex is very wealthy, powerful and intimidating, Mr. Lydell does not back down!


I have been working with Jon for several years. My case has been extremely long and painful, but Jon has helped me though the legal process and helped me make intelligent, cost-effective legal decisions. We have developed a good relationship over the years and I recommend him to anyone looking for legal help.


I went to Jon for help in a messy child custody case. He clearly and thoroughly helped me to understand what I needed help understanding and gave well thought out and wise advice on what to do next.

He was clear about what was legal and right and has done a great job protecting my right as a parent, as well as my children’s rights.

He was very responsive and easy to communicate with as well.

I highly recommend him to anyone in a similar situation. Hiring him was a great investment in my life and in the lives of my children.


Jon Lydell, is an Excellent attorney. He is a man of high integrity, and he has served me well. I recommend his services, with no reservations. He knows his way around the divorce court, and I appreciate the way he handled my case.


Let me start off by saying that I went looking for an attorney after a terrible experience with a judge while trying to save some money and do it pro-per.

I was chastised and made to feel as if I was trying to take my kids away from there mother for no reason and was riding in on my white horse , as the judge said. Jon was recommended to me by another lawyer I had heard many good things about (her case load was too heavy already). Jon was smooth and precise. He new what to look for in a case and was not shy to say when something I thought might make a good case was not useful. Through his guidance I quickly learned how to work with him and give him the tools he needed to regain the upper hand in my case. At our next court date I gained physical custody of my children, giving up visitation every other weekend. He did his homework and I will use him again in the event I have to go back to court. Thanks Jon


My husband and I went to see Mark Lydell about Estate Planning. The process was simple, and anything that wasn’t completely simple, Mark took great care to explain and make sure we understood. The atmosphere in their office is upbeat and calm I believe them to be competitively priced as well. This was a hassle free experience for us and we would definitely recommend Lydell and Lydell for any of your needs as relates to their areas of expertise.


As much as anyone can enjoy needing an attorney I’ve truly enjoyed working with both Mark and Jon. They are very honest, professional, straightforward and a pleasure to work with. They are truly interested in making certain that their client’s needs are fully met, helping them all along the process. They are very accessible and always there to address any issues by telephone, email or personal appointments, if necessary. If you want someone who will be there to make things as painless and cost effective as possible, you want Lydell and Lydell.


We finally did it, got our Living Trust done and with the help from Mark. He made this totally painless and what a friendly and thought provoking man. Mark made the making of our living trust easy and all was done in a timely manner. Even though we do not live in the area, the communication between us was effortless. Thanks Mark for all your help.


After 5+ years of being told to sit on my hands and do nothing in regards to my child custody situation from other attorneys is when Jon Lydell was brought up in conversation with a friend. I was told that he was a strong Christian, an elder in his church, and a bulldog in the courtroom. That’s exactly what I needed. A bulldog! Someone, who wouldn’t back down, and stop fighting, for me, when my daughter, and I needed it.

I met with Jon, and explained my situation, to which he completely agreed with my reasoning for needing full custody of my daughter. All said and done we got exactly what we set out to accomplish. Parental Rights were terminated. What I thought was impossible, even with such a strong case Jon believed with confidence that we would succeed, and he was right.

During the process he was professional, focused, brutally honest (when needed), and confident. He’s experienced, knowledgeable, strategic, and passionate about the cases he takes on. I strongly recommend Jon Lydell to anyone who needs legal representation. Thank you Jon, and shout out to Katie, for being knowledgeable and passionate in regards to my case as well.


My wife and I met Mark Lydell as witnesses to the signing of a trust document. Mark surprised us in that he was not the stereotypical attorney. He had a sense of humor as well as being extremely knowledgeable. This meeting forced us to revisit our own trust, realizing that it was out of date. Mark did an excellent job revising our trust, offering valuable input to our major areas of concern. We are very pleased with the final trust. We would recommend Mark to anyone needing the services of an attorney.

Bill and Char

Mark Lydell literally saved our lives. My partner was going through a divorce and the other attorney was not getting the job done. Almost three years had gone by since the start of the divorce. I met with Mark and he was very professional and actually listened to what I had to say. He was very intuitive, resourceful, knowledgeable, and informative. The day he took our case he went forward and got the divorce wrapped up in a few months. I would recommend Mark to anyone who asks me if I know an attorney. I can finally say that I know of a great attorney!!


It was a pleasure working with Mark. He was extremely detailed and efficient. I knew if I asked him about something, he didn’t hesitate to do the research and get back to me in a timely manner and I didn’t have to follow up with him, he would get back to me promptly. He listened carefully to what I was requesting and confirmed with me what he heard me say. Then he followed up with an email. He was always very patient when I didn’t understand something, which was very comforting.

I would highly recommend him to anyone needing any legal assistance. He is also, “honest as the day is long!” Much success and blessings to you Mark!


I had the opportunity to use the legal services of Lydell and Lyell for estate planning and other services. I found them to be both professional and efficient; the papers were prepared and executed with care and forethought. I would definitely recommend consulting them for any legal services in family law or estate planning.


Mark’s been incredibly helpful and down-to-earth (I appreciate a professional who can keep things simple) in helping us make some changes, updates, and additions to our family trust. He’s respectful of my time, and responds to my email questions faster than is ever expected.


I refer Jon and Mark’s legal and affordable services to my friends and colleagues. The feedback I get from my referrals has been positive.

Lydell and Lydell Attorneys at Law are the most down-to-earth attorneys I’ve worked with. I highly recommend them for family and estate planning law. They are prompt and courteous. They both delivered what I asked for at different times during the past 18-years. I felt legally protected each time.

Jon and Mark interpret the law and present it in a simple comprehensive manner for me, a non-legal person.

These are my go-to guys that I rely on for legal advice and processes. Mark thoroughly processed and explained my estate planning legal concerns and issues while preparing a will and trust. Jon represented and protected my interest during a contentious family law episode in and outside the family court drama, yet Jon minimized the drama for my interest.


We needed to have our will and living trust brought up to date. The finished product that Mark presented us made us realize just how much we needed the new trust. There was no comparison between our first trust and our new trust. The one prepared by Mark is concise, professional and covered everything that our financial advisor requested be in the new trust. I will recommend Mark to all my family and friends for estate planning.


I was nervous about starting the process of finding a divorce lawyer because you want someone that will listen to your side of the story and fight for your rights. With a great referral from my mothers friend, I called the office of Lydell and Lydell. I was hoping to get an appointment in a week or two, but they had an available meeting the next day. I was shocked to get in so fast. I met with Jon that following day at noon and right away I got a safe feeling about him. I knew he cared about my case the minute I sat down. I’m not good at pointing out all the right details when I first meet someone, especially a lawyer. Your nerves can get in the way. Not so with Jon. I was comfortable to tell him “my story” and he asked all the right questions. I’m still telling my story because not everything is finalized. Emailing is the best source of communication. I highly recommend asking lots of questions. Don’t assume. You won’t get what you want if you don’t let them know what it is you are after.


My husband went through a difficult divorce with children involved. Jon is an honest attorney who taught my husband and I how to examine our situation by looking at the “cost benefit analysis”. It seems like plenty of attorneys & lawyers out there are just interested in winning cases and making money. Jon helped us see our long-term goals and worked with us in a smart & sensible way to get what we wanted in the end. Jon is a family man himself and understands how important other people’s families and children are to them. In our situation I didn’t feel like Jon judged us but instead got to know us as people and helped us along our difficult and long judicial road. We continue to retain Jon for our family court obstacles that unfortunately still pop up now and again.


Mark Lydell assisted my husband and I on our estate planning needs. His guidance and expertise throughout the process was invaluable. Our documents were in perfect order and complete on time (early in fact). In addition, there were extra details that Mark provided such as Document Storage Tips for Estate Planning documents that provided suggestions I would not have considered of on my own. Our experience from start to end was A+, and perhaps most importantly we now have peace of mind knowing we have a solid estate plan in place that covers our loved ones which is priceless.Thank you, Mark.


Mark helped our family update our Living Trust recently and was a wealth of knowledge, and gave us very practical steps to help us make sure our assets and wishes for our children would be protected. Mark did an excellent job of presenting us with multiple options that would meet our family’s situation and our budget. Mark’s attention to detail, thoroughness and promptness were amazing!

I appreciate everything he has done to keep us informed and our family taken care of. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using his office for your estate planning needs.


I just wanted to let you know what a joy it was working with you as my lawyer during this stressful experience. Divorce is not easy, and would be best avoided at all costs, but when it happens it is nice to have someone like you who is a support an an anchor in the hard times. You not only took care of me legally, you also always took time to ask how I was doing and cared enough to listen (and pray with me).

Thank you for your sage advice each time I came to you. I appreciate having you as my lawyer. I have already recommended you to a few of my friends.


Jon is an excellent family law attorney, who really cares about his client. My wife and I had a very long custody case with her ex-husband over my step-daughter. Jon took on our case after we had many problems with our previous attorney and really took us under his wing. He genuinely cared about helping us to come to a great place after we thought all was lost. He truly is a diamond in his profession with his client’s needs and concerns at the foremost of his concerns.


When choices hit you head on, the biggest fear of all can be how to protect your children and help them… Six years ago I had to pick up the pieces of my family’s shattered life. I found Jon Lydell. His legal help and guidance through the Sacramento Superior Court System helped my children be who they are today. Who would have ever known that my own husband would try to take everything from me? Thanks to Jon and his unyielding concern and ability within the process, the children and I go the breaks we needed to live a better life. Thanks, Jon

Signed… a mother no longer in peril.

The help Jon provided for me was great from a legal standpoint, but even greater from a healing standpoint. He talked with both me and my former spouse about the settlement in terms of the then present and also, very importantly about the future. she and I are grateful that we took Jon’s counsel.


You can really rely on this firms professionalism, competency and attention to detail. No matter what situation came up they dealt with right away and I felt I had the best lawyers representing me.


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